[OcelotNews] Ocelotians flying over the Banda Sea

KD7NDG at Winlink.org KD7NDG at Winlink.org
Fri Feb 20 01:39:00 PST 2015

Dear Friends & Family,    20 Feb 2015, Approaching Triton Bay

Goodness - a Wet & Wild night!

Soon after we wrote last night's missive, the wind clocked around to just aft of the beam, & we had a nice sail for several hours.  But at 2am (of course) it strengthened to +/-20 knots & Ocelot took off!  Jon quickly took 2 reefs in the mainsail, but that's a very fast wind angle for us, & Ocelot flew along at 7-9 knots.  At 1 point the GPS said we hit 12.6!

At noon today we were at 4°11'S 132°34'E, or 164nm from Banda with 28nm to go to our first turning point (& yes, I put North latitude yesterday when I meant to say South).  The winds were still howling & Ocelot was hurtling along.

But if you check our position at http://www2.winlink.org:8081/maps/positionReports.aspx?callsign=KD7NDG you'll see that this bay we're approaching has many small islands, some of which don't even show up on Google Earth.  So instead of sailing through the night in dodgy conditions when we're already tired (& probably arriving at Triton Bay, at the extreme eastern side of this big bay, in the dark) we've decided to find ourselves an anchorage & spend the night, then do the last 45nm tomorrow.  This will also allow us to do several loads of laundry, as we now have LOTS of salty gear, courtesy of an improperly dogged hatch.

Per Ardua was about 30nm behind us this AM, sailing at ~5 knots, so this will allow them to catch up.  Friends on Villa G & Brick House are waiting for us in Triton Bay so we're looking forward to a nice arrival party tomorrow night.

Fair Winds & Calm Seas  --  Jon & Sue    s/v Ocelot
http://HackingFamily.com    http://svOcelot.com
Skype: sv-ocelot   US Worldwide Phone: +1-206-923-9714

FLASH: We anchored at 6:20pm, just before the sun set.  Now for a nice long shower, a Pum Runch, & Sue's preparing some Mexican Wraps with ground beef.  And then a bed that doesn't move... :)

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