[OcelotNews] Ocelotians heading for Triton Bay

KD7NDG at Winlink.org KD7NDG at Winlink.org
Thu Feb 19 01:23:00 PST 2015

Dear Friends & Family,     19 Feb 2015, at sea

This morning the women did an early shop for fresh fruits & veggies, but there's still very little at the market.  By 9:15 we had the engines warming up & at 9:30 we dropped our mooring (which now floats very well after we repaired it yesterday) & followed Per Ardua north out the pass.  We're both heading 250nm east towards Triton Bay.

The winds were surprisingly strong, but well behind us.  Unfortunately, they were at that difficult angle - too far aft to have both sails on the same side, & too far forward for wing-&-wing.  Per Ardua tried winging (they carry several poles, which we don't) & we actually flew the screecher to windward for an hour or so, but eventually put it away.  About midday the wind clocked around to ~130° apparent & we had a nice sail at 6+knots, but now (16:00) it's gone aft again.  Yesterday's GRIBs say the wind should strengthen & clock around to just aft of the beam by tomorrow.  The seas are flatter than we expected, & the sky has only a high haze, so we're hopeful of an uneventful passage.

At noon today we were at 4°28'N 130°06'E, or just 14nm from Banda.  As always, you can see our position at http://www2.winlink.org:8081/maps/positionReports.aspx?callsign=KD7NDG

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