[OcelotNews] Ocelotians arrive in Banda

KD7NDG at Winlink.org KD7NDG at Winlink.org
Tue Feb 10 04:13:00 PST 2015

Dear Friends & Family,     10 Feb 2015, Banda Islands, Indonesia

We've arrived!  We had a LOVELY sail, flying the spinnaker until about 2pm when we realized that if we continued on this way (doing 7 knots in 10 knots of wind) that we'd arrive in the dark of the morning.  So we doused the 'chute (as we call it) & rolled out the jib, but we were still going too fast.  So we took 2 reefs in the mainsail, which got us under 5 knots.  About 8pm the wind died a bit & our ETA went out into the afternoon, so we shook out the 2 reefs.  In the early hours of the morning the wind went right behind us so we moved the jib over to starboard & ran wing-&-wing.

The night sky was a delight, as we had the southern cross on our right, & the big dipper on our left.  The sky was pretty clear so we used a phone-app to identify the stars & constellations.  Sunrise was glorious (of course) & revealed several of the small Banda islands around us.  At 9am we crossed the bar & entered the channel between the island with the town & the island with the volcano, & at 9:30 we picked up a mooring & shut down the engines.  It was a slow passage, averaging just over 4 knots, but the most pleasant passage we've had in a LONG time.

About 1:30 our friends on Per Ardua arrived, picked up a neighboring mooring, & we all headed into town.  It's quite cute, with narrow streets, friendly folks, & a 5-sided Dutch fort on the hill.  Banda is the original of the Spice Islands, so we sampled Nutmeg juice & nutmeg jelly.  We also made arrangements for a snorkeling trip tomorrow, & a spice-tour the day after.  We certainly plan to climb to the top of the volcano that dominates everything right above us (Google has a superb shot down into the primary caldera) but timing is still TBD.

We're currently at 4°31'N 129°54'E, moored just across from town.  As always, you can see our position at http://www2.winlink.org:8081/maps/positionReports.aspx?callsign=KD7NDG

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