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Sun Feb 8 23:51:00 PST 2015

Dear Friends & Family,     9 Feb 2015, heading for the Banda Island group

We've been having a fun time in Ambon, made that much nicer by a US missionary family living ashore.  The Moore's helped us find someone to repair our split mainsail, showed us where the best shopping places are, introduced us to some nice restaurants, & even hosted a breakfast superb owl party.  So on Saturday we hoisted Ocelot's anchor out of the muck of Ambon's inner bay & took the Moore's & several of their friends for a 35nm sail around to another bay just to the east.

At 6:30 this morning we left Baguala Bay, on the south side of Ambon Island, & set sail for the Banda Island group about 115nm to the ESE.  The winds were light out of the WSW, so we put up Ocelot's spinnaker & had a GLORIOUS sail all morning, the best sail we've had for AGES.  But then the wind piped up to 10 knots, & with Ocelot scooting along at 7 & we realized that we'd arrive in the dark of the morning.  So we put the 'chute away & even took 2 reefs in the main in an effort to slow Ocelot down.

We're traveling with another boat, Per Ardua.  He's from Ireland, she's from NZ, & they have their 3 young kids on board.  It's always nice knowing friends are nearby.  We've also got 2 stowaways on board - Mrs. Moore & their 9 year old daughter Hannah!  Denise mentioned that they'd never been to Banda, & since the weather looked like the trip would be calm & peaceful, we invited them to join us.  So far the weather has been so nice that we're thinking of absconding with them, since they obviously have good weather connections...:)

At noon today we were at 3°47'N 128°35'E, or just 20nm from our anchorage because of the light airs this AM.  As always, you can see our position at http://www2.winlink.org:8081/maps/positionReports.aspx?callsign=KD7NDG

Fair Winds & Calm Seas  --  Jon & Sue    s/v Ocelot
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