[OcelotNews] Ocelotians have a calmer day

KD7NDG at Winlink.org KD7NDG at Winlink.org
Fri Apr 29 02:59:00 PDT 2011

Dear Friends & Family,    29 April 2011, at sea

We left you yesterday with completely overcast skies & squalls all around us.  Yesterday was an overly active day for us, difficult sailing in the shifting winds as we dodged around squalls (mostly successfully, but not always).  Being the dark of the moon, we were not looking forward to nightfall.

We were quite worried that we'd have to fight the weather all the way to Thailand, as a closer examination of our GRIB weather files showed a circular storm brewing out to the west of the Andaman Islands!  That is apparently what was responsible for our inclement weather.

Luckily, as the night progressed, the clouds started dissipating & some stars came out.  By morning the clouds had taken a decidedly more friendly attitude, being more of the "light & fluffy" variety instead of the "dark & angry" variety, & that has progressed throughout the day.

Nevertheless, because of the storm in the vicinity & because we don't know how much protection there is in the Surin Islands, last night we decided to head for the Similan Islands directly.  There are several anchorages in the Similans & we can choose where to go based on the local conditions.

Winds today have been very light so we've been motor-sailing slowly, so we don't arrive in the dark.  At noon today we were at 9°46'N 94°46'E, or 143nm from Little Andaman, with 182nm to go to the Similans.  "Noon" is a bit nebulous today, as we've changed our time-zone 1.5 hours to that of Thailand (GMT+7).  As always, you can see our position at http://www.winlink.org/dotnet/maps/PositionReportsDetail.aspx?callsign=KD7NDG

Fair Winds & Calm Seas  --  Jon, Sue & Shantha   s/v Ocelot
http://HackingFamily.com    http://svOcelot.com

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