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Sat Apr 23 05:13:00 PDT 2011

Dear Friends & Family,    23 April 2011, at sea

Bit of a quiet day today, but that's nice too.  Played with our star-finder program for a few hours last night until the moon rose & blotted most stars out.  A quiet & uneventful night, with Shantha's delightful company to make it go quickly.  She doesn't feel confident enough to take a shift of her own, but she's happy to keep us company.  She's been staying up until almost 10, halfway through Jon's 8-midnight shift, & then getting up again halfway through Sue's mid-4 shift.

Shantha especially likes the dawns - not surprising as they're hard to see from the city, even from her 7th floor apartment.  The eastern sky starts getting less dark about 4:30 & for the next hour we get a delightful light-show as the sun plays with the clouds, different every day.  This morning the light revealed a rather dark patch of cloud in front of us, but with the light winds we've been motor-sailing anyway, so it's easy to dodge the squalls.  We adjusted course 30° to the south to get around under the squalls & that was about the most excitement we've had all day.  The rest of the time we're mostly sleeping or reading, cooking or eating.

At noon today we were near 9°30'N 87°30'E, with 630nm to go to Phuket.  This evening we should pass our 1/2 way point.  We've got all sail up & we're scratching for every breeze we can find, but we're still going through fuel a bit faster than anticipated.  The ocean & winds are flat out here so we're doing the best we can.  As always, you can see our position at http://www.winlink.org/dotnet/maps/PositionReportsDetail.aspx?callsign=KD7NDG

Fair Winds & Calm Seas  --  Jon & Sue    s/v Ocelot
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