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Thu Jul 16 00:15:00 PDT 2009

Dear Friends & Family,     16 July 09, Off the South African coast

Wednesday at about 3pm we finally untied our lines (after 20 months!!) & motored out of Richards Bay, set full sail, & turned north for the Mozambique Channel, heading for Madagascar.

The winds have been from the south for a day or so & look like they're going to continue for several more days.  We had a pleasant enough night.  The winds blew from right behind us at between 12-20 knots & Ocelot happily scooted up in front of them.

The Agulhas Current comes down this coast pretty quickly, so we hugged the coast to stay out of it as much as we could.  Since there's no moon until after midnight, we didn't go into the 20 meter (depth) line, but stayed out closer to the 30m (100' deep) line.  This is about 1/2 mile (1km) off the beach.  Even so, we were able to find a small counter-current which generally gave us a small assist for most of the night.  Sailing this close also allows us to watch the scenery pass by (mostly shrub-covered sand-dunes at this point) which is a pleasant distraction.

By 9AM this morning we had covered 115 miles in 18 hours so we're averaging a bit more than 6 knots, which is fine with us.  We plan to go up into Mozambique (Maputo Bay) today & then cross the Agulhas Current at the top of the bay, where it's thinnest (~30 miles wide).

Before we left South Africa we were able to publish a small update to the website.  We updated the home page, illustrated & published our last 2 newsletters, added a "How to Tour Southern Africa" page, & added a new Cruising Madagascar page.  You can check these out at either http://HackingFamily.com or http://svOcelot.com 

Fair Winds & Calm Seas  --  Jon & Sue    s/v Ocelot
http://HackingFamily.com    http://svOcelot.com

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