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Dear Friends & Family,    23 November 08, Seattle, USA

We are all well, but life has, once again, taken an unexpected turn.  Shortly after arriving in Seattle, Jon was talking to an old boss who expressed interest in Jon's help to develop a small surgical laser for http://Aesculight.com.  This sounded like fun & Jon signed a contract that was supposed to run until November.  But now they want Jon to stay through at least February.  Sue is Ok with this, and carries on doing her usual mom-thing, kind of running the whole show.

While changes like these are always wrenching, looked at objectively it has several advantages:  We've had  tremendous fun with the kids, getting Amanda settled into the University of Washington (where Christopher is already a senior), & we could continue enjoying them for longer.  We'd get to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with friends & family, which hasn't happened in a properly cold environment for many years.  We'd get to go skiing, which we haven't done since 2000.  With the recent financial
meltdown, we figured it was better to have a job when we didn't really need one than to not have one when we did.  And the work is actually fun, programming more safety features into a small surgical laser (for the doctor's office, not a big hospital unit).

In the meantime, Ocelot sits in Richards Bay, South Africa.  Our wonderful Aussi neighbors make sure she's OK, checking & repairing lines & fenders as appropriate & attaching additional zincs to our underwater metal parts.  Apparently, we have a bird family nesting in our sail cover but we won't evict them until the babies have fledged.

Our Stateside cell phone is 1-425-894-2231.  We love getting phone calls!

Fair Winds & Calm Seas  --  Jon, Sue & Amanda
s/v Ocelot    http://HackingFamily.com

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